Pillars Of Health

Your Dog’s Good Health Starts with Clean Paws ™


The most exciting part of your dog’s day is getting outside for their prized walk. But dangers abound in the form of searing hot pavement, freezing temperatures, dog run bacteria, allergens and ‘stuff’. This ‘stuff’ that can be ingested upon licking or brought into your home.  And you don’t want the ‘stuff’ on your bed, carpeting or you. Our friends’ sensitive paws must be protected from exposure to extreme weather conditions that can damage the health of your pet.

Year-Round Protection

PawZ Dog Boots provides Protection Year-Round in both the winter from ice, snow melt, salt, and street chemicals while in the summer from hot pavement, sand and trails.

Maintained Health

They maintain their Health by keeping their paws from collecting allergens, chemicals and mud that will prevent them from licking their paws and ingesting these dangerous elements.

Clean Homes

You can maintain a Clean Home by not tracking the mess that gets on your carpet, furniture, bed and family.

Paw Protection Year Round

– Ice and Snow to Hot Pavement and Sand

  • Winter: Ice and Snow
    • Winter can be tough on your dog’s sensitive paws.  Protect them from ice, snow, salt and street chemicals.  Keep the balling snow, ice, and the chill of winter away!
  • Summer: Hot Pavement and Sand
    • Pawz Rubber Dog Boots Boots in the summer to act as a barrier from the extreme heat radiating from the pavement.
    • Image showing the hot pavement registering at 132 degrees. The dog wearing a Pawz dog boots standing on the same surface registered at 107 degrees.  This visual represents the barrier and insulation the boots provide.



Healthy Pet

– Your Dog’s Good Health Starts With Clean Paws ™

  • Keeps paws clean and protects from:
    • Lawn Chemicals
    • Pesticides
    • Allergies
    • Mud/Dirt
  • Provides Traction Control on Hard surfaces
  • Prevents pets from licking paws ingesting elements causing bad health



Clean Home

– Keeps dirt at the door and out of your house

  • No tracking on carpet, furniture, bed and family

PawZ Rubber Dog Boots are disposable, reusable and waterproof:

  • 12 Boots per package
  • Each boot last many wearings, simply toss it
  • Available in 7 sizes for a Comfortable and Secure Fit
  • Made of Natural Rubber – 100% Biodegradable (Recyclable)
  • Traction Control from slipping on hard surfaces
  • Natural Feel, allows your dog to feel the ground
  • Most natural feeling boot with no padding
  • Allows your dog to feel the ground, providing a sense of security